Back In The Day

Uptown Revue

Ithaca Holiday Inn December 21, 1985

  1. Caribbean Queen - Fred De Sena lead vocals
  2. Nobody Love Me Like You Do - vocal duet Jackie Sherman and Fred De Sena
  3. Everything She Wants – Fred De Sena lead vocals
  4. Easy Lover . . .(fragment) (Fred De Sena lead vocals)

NOTE: there was only a part of this last song on the tape but it's worth hearing for the guitar solo

Jon David's Mood

Studio Recordings of Original Music. 1979 – 80

  1. This is Magic - (Fred De Sena) vocal duet Carol Canfiels and Fred De Sena, arr. James Patrick Driscoll
  2. New Girl - (John Farrell) Fred De Sena lead vocals, Dave Degroff, additional vocals on outro ad lib.

Fred De Sena Solo Project

Studio Recording. c. 1984

  1. Never Had Time For Lies (Fred De Sena)